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All About Animals

              Eco-Friendly Pet Products for Healthy Pets and Safer Environment


When you have decided to own a pet regardless of the type of the animal you will buy as a pet you must be prepared to take good care of it to keep it healthy. Nowadays most people have become conscious of the importance of having a friendly environment. Most people are determined to go green by using natural products which are healthier and environmentally friendly. Since our pets are part of our family, many pet owners are adopting the use of eco-friendly pet products to maintain the health of their pets.


Avoiding the use of VetIQ synthetic products which contain toxic chemicals is safe for both our household and environment. Many pet treats, grooming and bathing products, toys, bedding and other pet products have harmful chemicals which pose risks to the health of your pets as well as the environment. A contaminated atmosphere is equal to poor health. Therefore, it's advisable to take care of both by adopting a healthy lifestyle for our household. Although it proves to be hard to get pet products which care for both the pet and the environment you can do comprehensive research on where to find organic and natural products. Below are some of the eco-friendly products which take care of both our pets and the environment.


The first step towards going green is by feeding your pets with natural treats like cookies which are made from oat flour, organic brown rice flour, cinnamon, and organic free-range eggs among many other organic products. Pets can also be fed with green fresh fruits and vegetables just like you. Get more info.


There are natural grooming products such shampoo and conditioners which have natural fragrances which can be used to add sheen to the fur of your pets. Yogurt and honey are good ingredients for conditioning and soothing the skin of your pets. Synthetic grooming products have harmful chemicals, dyes, fragrances and detergents which are harsh to the skin of your pet such as irritation and they are also not safe for the environment. To know more about the benefits of eco-friendly pet products, check out


Dog collars and leashes which are made from soft, comfortable cotton are the best options for your dog since they do not rub the skin of your pet. Go for pet bowls which are made from natural materials like bamboo and cooked rice husks as they are biodegradable materials which are eco-friendly and they are also safe for your pet. There are also eco nap beds which are made from natural materials. These beds are made from recycled plastic bottles which is a right way of clearing plastic bottles from our environment. Their bedding is stuffed with organic materials to add comfort. If you are yet to go green, it's good to try it to enhance healthy lifestyle for your household and live in a safer environment.