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All About Animals

                                     Guide to buying Genuine Pet Products


Very many families in the modern days have a cat or a dog. This explains why every pet owner is always very enthusiastic when it comes to filling their bellies and making their lives to be free of pests. Yes, you obviously want to have a pet which you can appreciate and the one which is healthy both inside its belly and on its fur. This is regardless of the budget which you set aside to feed and take care of your fluffier family member.


With no proper nutrition, your pet, which in this case can be a dog or a cat can suffer from numerous problems with their skin and coat. Poor diet can also affect their teeth as well as their longevity.


With various pet products out there at, all promising to give your pet highest quality of nutrients and health, here is a smart guide to help you choose that which is healthy for your pet.


For the pet food is, it should be balanced and complete. This means that the food's formulation should contain all nutrients required by the pet. It should also comply with the set manufacturing standards. It does not matter whether it is fresh, dry or tinned; you have to choose the best food for your pet. Dry food is apparently the popular option, and formerly, it used to cause urinary tract infections, but of late, reputable manufacturers changed the pH formulations levels. This means that dogs which consume well-formulated dry-food diet don't risk urinary tract infections if they are taking enough water. In case your cat is not taking enough water, it is advisable to feed it on the canned-food diet with higher water content. The tinned pet foods are available in a wide variety of ingredients. Ensure that the one you buy is marked complete and balanced and complies with the set pet food standards. Check this website!


The fresh pet food is in the form of meat "rolls and steaks." Yes, this should not replace the tinned and packaged stuff because it has some issues. Packaged fresh meat does not provide all nutrients that a dog or cat need. Take note that these pets are omnivores. To supplement their diet, you should feed them with commercial food as well.


It is advisable to get vet's recommendations in case you notice of any deficiency in your pet diet more so when they are on medication, young or aged. To have an idea on how to choose the right pet products, go to